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Let’s not forget the number one goal of this website is to keep and build unity among Donald Trump patriots!

This Covid bullshit… Lock down small businesses all over the country and put hard-working American small businessmen and women out of Business - bankrupt them, then print trillions of dollars In order to debase our currency, eventually make it worthless , make hard-working Independent middle-class Americans dependent upon the government ! All because of a virus that kills less than 1/2 of 1% of the population and of that 80% are over 75 years old with two or more pre-existing conditions….

Global control, global communism… Isn’t coming, it’s here. Can you imagine years ago if I told you your governor and government would tell you what small businesses could be open and which ones could not… Government officials telling small business owners when they can open and how many people are allowed in your place of business; bankrupting millions of small businesses all over the country because of government lockdowns , businesses that took years if not decades to build now wiped out and will never come back. This is the most serious turning point in American history.

At what time will the American people get their heads out of the sand and wake up? How severely do we need to be beaten over the head by the communist doctrine to awake and say no, not on my watch ? Call it Covid, call it biological warfare, call it anything you want, but the end result is Government control, government monitoring and government mandates. It is communism.

In America It should be the business owners choice, not government mandates on whether they’re open or not. It is the individual’s choice if they want to open their business or not, it is the individual’s choice to stay home or not and lastly it is the individual’s and Business owners choice weather they put on or request a mask or not.

It’s America after all, the land of the free and independent, the home of the brave not the regulated, not the corporate/government controlled , not Communist China or Communist Russia, but that’s what we turned into. Americans need to stop worrying about socialism, it is communism that is front and center and Is in America right now and growing fast!

Perhaps all Americans need a little spinach to get stronger for the fight in front of us.

Max Linn
2020 US Senate candidate
Founder and National Director,



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